Teller explained, "magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect."

We think beer is magic.

Sure there’s nothing magical about hoses, pumps or stainless steel. And most everything involved in creating beer can be explained in a very formal, scientific way.  But there is something absolutely magical about beer- and not just the marriage of hops and malt or the alchemy of yeast and fermentation. It’s not the liquid itself that is truly magical but our relationship to it- it’s when we actually drink beer that the magic happens. Without someone to drink it, does a beer taste like anything?

We decided...

to combine our years of experience in creating great craft beer and our unbridled enthusiasm for drinking it in the most productive way possible- Central 28 Beer Company. With each batch we seek to honor our heritage- our Belgian roots, and the inspirational industry of American craft brewers. Using only the finest raw materials gathered from around the globe, we carefully craft our own unique array of ales for your enjoyment.

- - Kathy, Geoff & Dan

Dancing Pierre

This golden Belgian-style unfiltered pale ale dances along the incredibly delicate balance between fruity, spicy aromatics, assertive bitterness, and deep malt character. It’s a difficult balance, depending on taking just the right steps. We think of it as slightly akin to riding on a unicycle while juggling. Never easy but always impressive.

Original gravity 14.5 degrees plato; 30 ibu’s; 5.9%

Trekker Bier

We journeyed the globe in our search to connect the bounty of the earth and the contents of the glass. Along the way, a series of appellation adventures inspired a dry, refreshing, straw-colored, unfiltered treasure we call Trekker, an adventurous bier synergized as a tribute to the earth’s best terroir—geography, geology and climate that results in the best craft-malted barley from Canada, aromatic hops from New Zealand—inspired by Belgian "grisette"-style farmhouse ales. We searched around the world and then worked our alchemy right here in Central Florida.

Original gravity 11 degrees plato; 20 ibu’s; 4.5% abv

Trekker Bier

Up River is a classic, aggressively hopped American pale ale, if that’s the direction you’re headed. This copper gem has a huge hop bouquet with floral, citrus and pine notes merging together in a steady stream of aromatic beauty. With just enough malt for balance, the hop flavors and aromas careen from resinous pine to grapefruit zest, finishing with clean, pleasant bitterness.

Original gravity 14 degrees plato; 50 ibu’s; 6.0% abv